Personal Summary

I have been living and working on the internet since the early 2000's. For the majority of my projects I am both the designer and programmer. I was the head of visual communications and web development for a music and film production company.

I enjoy the challenge of making each project unique. This involves creative design, functionality and organization of content.

Art has been apart of my entire existence. My father was a guitar player that performed with many successful bands. Naturally I had a desire to play music as well and drums were my instrument of choice. At the age of 8 years old, I began playing in a band with my brothers who are also musicians. I started making mockup album covers while in elementary school.

Recently I have been studying new programming languages like HTML5 and learning the new features on Adobe Creative Suite 5.

I double as an audio engineer and studio musician. I work exclusively out of Ante Up Audio. In 2009, I received a major label credit on Kelly Clarkson's album "All I Ever Wanted" for engineering. The album peaked at #1 on the billboard 200 charts. I've done audio work for major TV networks and recording artists. I have traveled across the USA to performed in NYC, LA, Texas and at the 2009 New Orleans Voodoo Festival. In August of 2008, my band Nicholas Megalis opened for Nine Inch Nails at the Quicken Loans Arena.

I want to continue being creative in every area of my life. I enjoy challenges and learning new things. I want a work environment that will be demanding and that will drive me to learn and grow.

Outside of the Office

When I'm not busy at work I love spending my time writing music, buying music gear and recording music. Pretty much anything related to music will interest me. I've been playing drums for the past 14 years and guitar for 8 years. I write, perform and record my own music for fun.

Amusing Details

I am happiest when spending time with my friends and eating good food. My favorite color is red and I hate coconut. I have no idea what a "sleep schedule" means.


Jimmy Frysinger


Cleveland, Ohio