Sonic Excellence

Having excellent sounding audio makes all the difference! Whether you are recording voice over's for a television show, a church choir or a rock band... Clear, colorful, and powerful sounding recordings pulls your project together with elegance.

By operating out the state of the art recording studios of Ante Up Audio, I can record voice over's, choirs, multi-track full bands and individual performances.

Other Work

People I worked With


Who Have I Worked With?

Ryan Tedder
Food Network
American Greetings
Jerry Springer
Al Fatz (AKA Fat Al)




I beleive a good recording starts at the source. Good musicianship, good intsruments, good micropones, good mic pre's and last but not least a good engineer behind the board capturing the tones the way they are ment to be heard.

All projects are different, which means different technique and approche.